Jan 10, 2014 by emmeleine USA

Yes, worth it. - love it. soothing voice and the length of the meditation...really helps with building a regular meditation practice. Highly recommended (esp for beginners) and i've gone through a good amount of online nidra recordings. love having the accessibility of this yoga nidra practice on my phone.

Sept 28, 2013 by Ashlolly AUSTRALIA

The best on the market - My psychologist referred me to this and it it is hands down the best on the market. It has made my life so much more calmer and easier. I recommend it to everyone!.

Sep 10, 2013 by Charliesk8 CANADA

Yoga Nidra - Great app. Yoga Nidra is not just a wonderful relaxation tool, but a guided meditation which benefits other aspects of your life. This recording is very well done with options for length and background sounds. Perfect meditation for newbies or those more experienced.

Jun 6, 2013 by hecateae USA

Lovely - I usually never bother with reviews but I had to make an exception for this app. Of all the yoga nidra apps, I love this one the best. The narrator has a soothing voice and the background sounds are a nice touch! My problem is that sometimes I get TOO relaxed and fall asleep. (Obviously not the app's or narrator's fault.). Other than that, perfect.

Apr 13, 2013 by Deb 123455 CANADA

Thanks - I loved it , haven't been sleeping cause too much in my mind . So I started to use this app . Best relaxation and after done I slept right threw the nite , before I would wake up 5 times a nite

Apr 1, 2013 by Stressed out totally!!! CANADA

Best app - I have been suffering from severe panic attacks and find the 30 minute sessions life saving. I highly recommend trying this everyday before the stress builds. Great preventive medicine for everyone!!!!